Bad Religion

Bad Religion is a popular punk rock band known for their unique vocal and musical styles and songs filled with political messages. Throughout their career, most members would be replaced with new ones except the lead vocalist, Greg Graffin. At present, the members of the band include three of the original members with Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley in addition to Graffin.


In 1979, Greg Graffin, Jay Bentley, Jay Ziskrout, and Brett Gurewitz got together and formed Bad Religion. The band first appearance was during an opening performance for Social Distortion in California. The band’s first officially played as Bad Religion at Joey Kills in Burbank, California.

While recording their first album, How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, Ziskrout got out of the band and Peter Finestone took over his position. How Could Hell Be Any Worse? came out in 1982.

Into the Unknown came out in 1983. An issue regarding the album’s distribution without their knowledge led to a hiatus until Graffin re-established the band with Greg Hetson as guitarist. Their next EP called Back to the Known was released but Bad Religion would undergo hiatus again in 1985.

The third album, Suffer, was released in 1988 after Graffin got back together with his co-members Bentley and Gurewitz together with Finestone in 1986.

After the Suffer tour, the band started recording again and released their new songs with the release of No Control in 1989. It was followed by Against the Grain which came out in 1990. It included the song 21st Century (Digital Boy) which was known to be one of the band’s best songs.

In 1991, Finestone quit and was replaced by Bobby Schayer. Meanwhile, the band started recording songs for Generator which came out in March 1992. The band also made their first ever music video for the song Atomic Garden. The band also released a compilation album entitle 80-85 which included songs from How Could Hell Be Any Worse?, Bad Religion, and Back to the Known.

Recipe for Hate then was released in 1993. Though it received mixed reviews, it became popular among people and the songs American Jesus and Struck a Nerve made it to major radio stations.

Stranger Than Fiction was the next album to come out in 1994. It was also critically claimed and some songs like Stranger Than Fiction, Infected and a newer version of 21st Century (Digital Boy) became quite popular. The album was so popular that it snagged a placed on the Billboard 100 and earned a gold certification in 1998 for selling over 500,000 copies. On the other hand, Gurewitz left the band before the release of the album to work as the Offspring under Epitaph.

After Gurewitz departure, Brian Baker became the band’s guitarist and Bad Religion released another three albums. The first was The Gray Race which was released in 1996. The next was No Substance which came out in 1998.

The New America was released in 2000 with the collaboration of Gurewitz and Graffin on the song Believe It. When they returned to Epitaph, the band recorded The Process of Belief which came out in 2002 followed by Empire Strikes First in 2004 which was positively welcomed by their fans.

New Maps of Hell came out in 2007 in which some of the songs were a great success like Honest Goodbye, Heroes and Martyrs, and New Dark Ages. The album also managed to hit the 35th spot on the Billboard 200. The next year, the band went on performing on several music festivals in Europe.

In celebration with their 30th anniversary, the band released 30 Years Live in May 2010, a live album that included some songs from their 15th studio album. September 28, 2010 marked the release of The Dissent of Man. It was 35th on the Billboard 200 and the 6th on the Billboard Independent Albums chart.

True North came out in 2013 with its first single, Fuck You, being aired a few months before. That same year, the band released Christmas Songs, Bad Religion’s first Christmas album.

Bad Religion’s next album is said to be already in the works and might be released in 2016.