Rancid is punk rock band originally formed by Tim Armstrong and Matt Freeman in 1991. They had been known to initiate the revival of punk rock along with some other bands like Greenday and the Offspring. In addition to Tim Armstrong on vocals and Matt Freeman on bass, the band’s other members currently include Lars Frederiksen on guitar and vocals, and Branden Steineckert on drums.


Before forming Rancid, Armstrong and Freeman were first members of some bands they established previously like Operation Ivy, Downfall, Generator, and Dance Hall Crashers. In 1991, the two men contacted Brett Reed and formed Rancid with aims of preventing Armstrong from delving deeper into alcoholism.


The band released a self-titled album in 1993 followed by Let’s Go in 1994. When they played as support for the band the Offspring during their tour, Let’s Go hit the 97th spot on Billboard’s Heat seekers and the Billboard 200.

The album …And Out Come the Wolves came out in 1995 and snagged the 45th spot on the Billboard charts. It was received positively by its audience with the singles Roots Radicals, Time Bomb, and Rudy Soho occupying their own respective places on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks.

Life Won’t Wait was released in 1998. Unlike the previous album, it showcased a different set of musical styles and was not much of a success though a number of fans still showed appreciation for the album.

The second self-titled album of Rancid came out in 2000 and hit the 68th spot on the Billboard charts.

The band’s success rebounded with the release of Indestructible in 2003, managing to hit the 15th spot on the charts. The album received positive reviews from the critics but a number of fans thought otherwise.

After concluding the band’s tour for Indestructible, Rancid went on hiatus for a while. During this time, the members focused on working on some projects on their own, leading to the release of some albums and collaborations on various songs with other musical artists.

In 2006, Reed was replaced by Branded Steineckert as the band’s drummer and the year after, a new album entitled B Sides and C Sides was released. The album included songs from a number of b-sides and “c-sides” in addition to other songs that were taken from the band’s previous compilation albums.

The album Let the Dominoes Fall started selling in records bars in 2009. The band went on tour afterwards with bands like Rise Against, Riverboat Gamblers, and Billy Talent opening for them.

In 2014, two years after releasing a box set of their previously released albums and Eps, Rancid released their latest album, …Honor is All We Know.