Social Distortion

Social Distortion is an American punk rock band currently consisting of Mike Ness on lead vocals and lead guitar, Jonny Wickersham on rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Brent Harding on bass and backing vocals, David Hidalgo, Jr. on drums, and David Kalish on keyboards.


The band, formed by Mike Ness, was originally composed of Ness together with Rikk and Frank Agnew on guitars and Casey Royer on drums. Ness urged Dennis Danell to join and the two of them would be the ones left in the band for the next twenty years.


The first single of the band was Mainliner/Playpen released under Posh Boy.

In 1982, the band would include Brent Liles on bas and Derek O’Brien on drums and would start their tour in the US and Canada together with Youth Brigade.

The band’s first album was Mommy’s Little Monster released under 13th Floor Records.

In 1983, Liles and O’Brien quit from the band and were replaced by John Maurer and Bob Stubbs. Christopher Reece also joined the band as its drummer but because of Ness’s continuing addiction, Social Distortion got out of the music scene in 1985.

When Ness recovered from his addiction in 1986, the band reformed and released its second album, Prison Bound in 1988. The album would become popular for showcasing a certain musical style sometimes known as “cowpunk.”

The band’s self-titled third album was released in 1990 under Epic. Some of the tracks included Ball and Chain, Story of My Life, and a cover of Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire. It would eventually be claimed by many people as the band’s best work.

Nineteen ninety-two marked the release of Social Distortion’s fourth album, Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell. The album included the popular tracks Bad Luck and When She Begins. After this, Christopher quit the band and Randy Carr took over his position.

Recording their songs for the fifth album, White Light, White Heat, White Trash, would not take place until 1995. During this time, Chuck Biscuits would join as the band’s drummer though the credits would actually go to Deen Castronovo. The album was also the last one that Danell would record with Social Distortion before his death in February 2000.

In 1998, Live at the Roxy came out under Time Bomb Recordings. Afterwards, another hiatus commenced as Ness went on to release two solo albums.

After Danell’s death, the band continued with their tour. And in 2004, they released Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Some of its members would also quit and be replaced as the band continued playing.

In 2007, the Greatest Hits of Social Distortion was released with hits from the previous albums except Mainliner.

In 2010, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes was released with Machine Gun Blues as its first single.

During the gaps between the albums’ release, the band continued performing and going on tours even though some of its members come and go from time to time.